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Let’s Meet Face-to-Face and Actually 
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Tiffany Mika

The Lady Golf Teacher - 
Golf Consistency Specialist
Thinking about joining me at a Consistency Clinic?
These golfers did - check out what they had to say...

"What we have gained out of the Consistency Clinic is knowing how to get the distances for putting, chipping & pitching right"

Kim McClintock & Lori Bell
Marilyn Scully

"Really enjoyed the Consistency Clinic, got so much out of it... it is the small things that you got us to get right"

"What I got out of the Consistency Clinic was being able to pitch and putt more consistently. Looking forward to coming to more in the future."
Irene Newport
"I just thought I’d tell you how much I enjoyed the clinic. I played 9 holes this morning as a practice game and I was 2 putting most of them (still more practice needed), but I was very impressed. I had a score of 17 with a wipe of 3 holes, so I was pleased, that’s the best score over 9 holes I’ve had in quite a while. Thanks again for your help."
- Cheryl Zilverschoon
"Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the Consistency Clinic and how valuable I thought it was.   
The method you showed us for working out putting distances was simple and so effective (I’ve had lessons from a few golf pros and not one has come up with anything as easy and straight forward). The same goes for your chipping and pitching methods too. You’ve shown me how to take the worry out of golf and I really do appreciate all I’ve learnt from you." 
- Di Bowen
"Thank you so much for the clinic. It was such a great day. Fantastic to revise all the techniques for putting, chipping and pitching. Can't wait to get back out to the course to put it all into practice." 
- Brigid McNally
"Honestly my short game has dramatically improved!! Thank goodness….. Now when I walk up to the ball within 50 metres off the green, I have a plan and am not feeling at a total loss at what to do. Am enjoying this feeling of confidence which is sometimes hard to find on the golf course. Have taken the plunge and am playing comp these days. I have had some decent scores directly related to this short game improvement."  
- Di Picello

STOP!  So, What Are These Consistency Clinics All About...
And What Do We Actually Get Done in our Time Together?
How To Play Golf Consistently
You will experience the most productive 4 Hours you've EVER spent on your golf.  You'll know exactly what to do to score consistently in your golf game.

How To Focus & Concentrate 
We build and launch some of my ultimate Golf Strategies in just 4 hours...we cover 1st Putt Rule, 1st Chip Rule, 1st Pitch Rule, Pre-Shot Routines & how to keep you focused during your rounds.
More Fun, Less Stress
Everything you'll learn is focused on helping you build a consistent golf game, have fun with your friends & 
of course enjoy your golf...
the main reason we all started our
golf in the first place right?!  :-)

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